Learn To Use Operation In Microsoft Excel By joining A1 MYOB Course Singapore

While one is able to sufficiently get by and make use of the software program for their daily business practices, learning to familiarize yourself with Microsoft Excel can take a lot of time and a lot of confusion in the process. To save yourself from taking up too much time and start using Microsoft Excel efficiently, it is highly recommended to consider taking up a Microsoft Excel Course in Singapore.

Learn to use basic Microsoft Excel operations by joining A1 MYOB Course Singapore as we guide interested participants through our comprehensive Microsoft Excel training Courses. We aim to teach essentials and provide participants with the opportunity to learn to use the tool-bar and perform essential functions within Microsoft Excel.

Certified Excel trainers will guide participants through topics like mastering the interface, spreadsheet basics, calculation operations, window management and the application of simple formulas. In addition, we also plan to shed light on customization abilities that can best benefit users like learning to tweak auto-correct sections, correctly set up printing options, manage themes, styles, numbers and more.

Participants who learn better by practicing can also rest easy since our Excel course incorporates hands on practices. This ensures that users can try the functions out for themselves as the course is conducted. Any queries about Microsoft Excel will also be answered by experienced trainers who are able to provide real world advice so that excel users can best benefit from understanding how Excel can be used on a day to day basis.

In addition, A1 MYOB Course Singapore provides Microsoft Excel course at affordable prices. Eligible companies and individuals can also opt for a further price reduction since our training courses are considered Skills-future approved as well as PIC claimable. For more information regarding pricing, topics covered and other related questions, please do feel free to reach out to our friendly sales representatives today!


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